I am making a website for my program because I have pets. Although I live in low income housing it is supportive housing.  I love my pets.  They are my family.  I want to give them the best of care.  It is hard to do when you don’t have a lot of money.  People I know were going through the same struggle, so I began to look around to find services that are not too expensive.  

Another important issue is the lack of resources for the caring of pets when their owners have been hospitalized.  Over the years, I have known of neighbor’s pets being taken to The Humane Society because they did not have the money for boarding fees when absent from home. Although finding people to care for their pets when they were admitted to hospital can be a hardship.  Some of those animals were put down.  I decided to set up a pet fostering program.  Hopefully no one will have to loose their pet if they have to go into hospital.

Animals are healing. They do not judge you.  And a person always has a loyal friend.

We were always together.  Because of Georgio I never gave up, even when we were homeless.  We were toothless and homeless together at the same time. We lived the past twelve years in a one bedroom apartment both of us thought it was heaven and he didn’t want to leave.  Georgio passed away two years ago at the ripe age of twenty-one despite having diabetes the last seven years of his life.  This is why I have room for fostering.  I am fostering pets in my home, and I have been doing this for quite a while, I now need more volunteers to help me do this great work.